Map overlays for satellite images

I have been working with Dartcom on the geometrical principles underlying new software designed to generate map overlays for images coming from the polar orbiting weather satellites. We describe this work in our article "A fresh approach to automatic navigation of AVHRR images" in the International Journal of Remote Sensing, and I have also lectured on this work in the University of La Réunion.

Ellen MacArthur used this system on her world record solo circumnavigation (although she did not go anywhere near Italy).

A geometrical model of porous material

I have worked with Dr Peter Matthews of the Department of Environmental Sciences in Plymouth on the geometrical processes behind a model of porous material, and this has appeared in "Estimation of structural element sizes in sand and compacted blocks of ground calcium carbonate using a void network model" in the journal Transport in Porous Media.

Map projections

PCMaritime is a local company specialising in the design and verification of electronic charts and navigation systems. I have helped them encode the geometrical projections on which these charts are based.