A Topological Aperitif (second edition), by S. Huggett and D. Jordan.

This is a book of elementary geometric topology, in which geometry, frequently illustrated, guides calculation.  For much of the book the prerequisites are slight, though, so anyone with curiosity and tenacity will be able to enjoy the book. As well as arousing curiosity, the book gives a firm geometrical foundation for further study.

"A Topological Aperitif provides a marvellous introduction to the subject, with many different tastes of ideas. Stephen Huggett and David Jordan have excellent credentials for explaining the beauty of this curiously austere but potentially enormously general form of geometry." Professor Sir Roger Penrose OM FRS, Mathematical Institute, Oxford, UK

152 pages with 135 figures, in soft cover, ISBN 978-1-84800-912-7 Springer-Verlag, 2009

An Introduction to Twistor Theory (second edition), by S. A. Huggett and K. P. Tod

This book is an introduction to twistor theory and modern geometrical approaches to space-time structure at the graduate or advanced undergraduate level. The choice of material presented has evolved from graduate lectures given in London and Oxford and the authors have aimed to retain the informal tone of those lectures. The book will provide graduate students with an introduction to the literature of twistor theory, presupposing some knowledge of special relativity and differential geometry.

"the book is recommended to anyone seeking to get acquainted with the area." American Scientist

"a certain amount of preliminary knowledge is assumed of the reader ... but anyone who has these prerequisites and who is interested in twistor theory could hardly do better than to start with this book." Contemporary Physics

"In all, the book provides a pleasant starting point for the study of this fascinating subject." Dr F. E. Burstall, Contemporary Physics

190 pages, ISBN 0521451574 Cambridge University Press, 1994

The Geometric Universe: Science, Geometry, and the Work of Roger Penrose, Edited by S. A. Huggett, L. J. Mason, K. P. Tod, Sheung Tsou, and N.M.J. Woodhouse.

This book is a collection of articles from several world-class researchers, and is inspired by Sir Roger Penrose's work. It gives an overview of the interaction between geometry and physics, from which many important developments have emerged. The volume collects together ideas from across the physical sciences, and indicates the many applications of geometrical ideas and techniques across mathematics and mathematical physics.

450 pages, halftones, line figures, in hardback, ISBN 0-19-850059-9 Oxford University Press, 1998

Twistor Theory, Edited by S. A. Huggett

This is the volume of proceedings from the 1993 conference at the University of Plymouth, England.

288 pages, illustrated, in soft cover, ISBN 0-8247-9321-8 Marcel Dekker, 1994